Friday, September 07, 2007

Learned something

During tonight's "Family Night" I learned something about myself and my children.

We're dorks.

Dorky dorks who find a great deal of amusement and joy in looking at calendars. Especially calendars with pictures of dogs.

I also learned that my DNA has been expressed in my children in ways far beyond their beautiful blue eyes, evidenced by the fact that they were so happy to be in the calendar section that they didn't need to go to the kids' section at all.

I'm a proud, proud mama tonight.


jfield said...

We had the similar great experience of discovering that our kids had inherited our genes for being map nerds and weather nerds.

Charlene said...

Bunny Suicides! I bought the first book for one of my best friends several years ago, and I think that we're the only two who find it hysterical! Perhaps that says more about us than we'd care to admit????

Anonymous said...

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