Friday, September 28, 2007

Countown commencing

NaBloPoMo is almost upon us. Committing to that means I will write a blog post every day in the month of November. Even if I have nothing interesting to say.

And I'm about to start training for a 5K.

If I commit those two things to writing, I have to follow through.

However, I think it would be way too easy to just turn my blog into a training journal, telling the internets exactly what I did for my workout. And that would be really boring, even to my trainer.

So I need your help, faithful readers. Please, in the comments or via email, please send in topics you'd like me to write about in November. I'll tell you upfront that I will not write about my sex life, past or present. Because the only person who needs to know already knows. And doesn't read my blog anyway. But pretty much anything else is open. So...get to it readers! Bring on the ideas!


Kelly O said...

I know, 30 days straight; yikes.

I <3 Memphis. That's got to be a fertile topic.

Hot Librarian said...

I loved your post about tribes. Just so you know (though I don't know if that helps)

Anonymous said...

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