Friday, September 07, 2007


Without anything deserving of a paragraph, here's a collection of bullet points. Because you know you like them.

  • My daughter now needs daily showers.
  • My dog needs to act her age (she's five and acts like a puppy).
  • I'm not excited about all the touch-up painting that needs to be done at the house.
  • I met a local blogger yesterday which was cool. There might be more on that later, as the story unfolds. At this point, it was just coffee and conversation. A little like a blind date, except less pressure and you already know a lot about each other (unless our blogs are both big fat lies, which could be interesting, too....).
  • I hate the pedometer. With a passion. Because I can't get to that 10,000 step per day mark, even when I work out for an hour on the treadmill. And walk to work. And walk a lot at work. No wonder our nation is obese, if I can't get the recommended amount of exercise when I go out of my way to try. I'm never using that stupid pedometer again.
  • There's something really cute about a kid getting out of bed because they just realized that they forgot to do some homework. It's even cuter when they keep thanking the parent who helps them. And cuter still when the child demonstrates her mad index and glossary-using skillz.
  • Have I mentioned my kids' afterschool activities? Alex is taking guitar (second year for him) and hip hop dance. Susie is taking piano (third year) and cello (first year).

I love my life so much, even when I bitch about it.


Toonhead said...

I've read that a lot of pedometers are not completely accurate. I have gotten a variety of results from various versions. I read that Japanese made pedometers are quite accurate because of government regulations. In all likelihood you are getting the 10,000 steps but your pedometer is not capturing the steps.

Wendi said...

Cello?! Wicked!

Anonymous said...

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