Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New addition

We got a kitteh we got a kitteh we got a kitteh!

Susie was spending all her time here and was becoming a zombie, so I figured procuring a live kitten might be a better idea. And my friend Julie had some sitting around her house (well, running more than sitting, but sometimes sitting). So we brought one of them home. The dogs sniffed and sniffed and she hissed and hissed and then totally got over it and rubbed all over the dogs. Then she hid. And I haven't seen her since 10:00 last night. Which is why I don't have a picture. She is apparently very shy.

Welcome to the family, Roxy. I hope you come out and play with us soon.


slouching mom said...

Aww. Congratulations! We'll await a photo!

(PS I will get you questions within a week or so!)

Anonymous said...

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