Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The weekend

A few images from our weekend. Enjoy the tale.


We were a little worried when the best feedback we could find about our motel was that it was clean and the owners were friendly. The view from our room was equally unnerving.

And the other direction? A view with sound effects at 3 a.m. Sweet!

But the room itself? Fine. Clean. A little like a sweet aunt's guest bedroom.

But the best part about the place was the wraparound porch. Our group occupied five of the inn's eight rooms, and we used the porch from the kids' bedtime until the wee hours. And since the rooms had screen doors, we could leave the kids in the rooms, sleeping, and feel not a bit like we were abandoning them.

But we didn't go to Branson to sit on a motel's porch. We went to have fun! And the kids sure did!


kalisah said...

That reminds me of the Memorial Day weekend we spent in Arkansas one year with a view of the NUCLEAR PLANT COOLING TOWER. It was like being a guest on The Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

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