Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ten Things

Meme....from Tater & Tot....(

Ten Things I Like About Me

1. I'm really funny. (Really!) Maybe more so in person.

2. I'm a cool mom. Did I mention that I re-dyed Susie's hair PURPLE yesterday? And that The Boy's mohawk now sports red streaks? Because we're punk rock.

3. I can get along with darn near anyone. Just ask anyone at work.

4. I'm scary smart. My undergrad years don't necessarily reflect this (especially not that freshman year....sorry Mom and Dad!), but I've re-read some of the papers I wrote in graduate school and DAMN! I really had an astonishing mind back then. Maybe I should stop drinking after all. Maybe I've already lost too many brain cells.

5. Duh. I'm a very good cook. I sometimes flirt with greatness.

6. I wake up in a good mood almost every day.

7. Pretty singing voice.

8. This is kind of like a 2a. I'm the kind of mom I always wanted to be...the mom that all the kids like to be around. The kids seem to congregate at our house. Especially the girls. They like being around me and they talk to me. I hope hope hope hope hope that stays the same for the next at least ten years. And the next fifty would be fine, too. Because I really do care about these kids and their lives and dreams and problems and I'd honest to god adopt any of Susie's friends in a heartbeat if they ever needed a new family. (The Boy has a different experience of friendship that probably one day deserves its own blog entry. But not today. This is about me!)

9. I throw fabulous parties. Unless the party is for a tween girl. But if it's for adults, watch out. The Husband, at my behest and artistic direction, makes fantastic mix cd's that are always *perfect* and my food is the bomb and I decorate if I need to and the clothes we all wear are perfect. My 35th birthday party - Asian themed - is legendary. People are still talking about it.

10. I look really good in my clothes. My body is far from perfect (you try carrying a 10 lb. baby on a 100 lb., 5'2" frame and see what it does to your belly) (and a four-month-long course of high dose prednisone didn't help) (plus quitting smoking) (and I like beer) (and I work in food service), but it's strong and in proportion and I think it looks pretty darn good for 35 and two kids. (And the Husband is not complaining either.)

Okay, any takers?

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