Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Second place again

Remember how I always come in second place? I did it again. Unfortunately, this one mattered. Because it was that job.

They hired someone else.

Is it too early to go home and have a martini?


yer lil brudder said...

oof! That smarts.


I'm sorry. They suck and a half.

To make your world slightly more smiley, I sent you funny peektures :D

Another Working Mom said...

They do suck. A lot. And I'm mad. But I'm really good at compartmentalizing so I'm not going to act mad. And the pictures were hilarious. Did you take them?

Pam said...

Ah that BLOWS!! They could get into trouble for leading you to believe you had the job all wrapped up.

It's never too early for a martini!!