Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Still waiting....

This job offer may never come! I'm really hoping today is the day. Because I'll probably need to blow off some steam afterward. And if I hear tomorrow, I'll be stuck blowing off steam for five hours in a car, traveling to the in-laws'. And that's not my idea of the perfect steam-blowing-off location. (The car part, not the in-laws' part.) (But maybe that too.) (I'd better stop before I dig myself a hole.)

Had a very good half of a rehearsal last night. We normally rehearse on Tuesdays, which means The Husband has arranged his schedule so that he's home on Tuesdays. But not on Mondays. So when rehearsal changes to Monday, the kids come with. Which is fine except (a) it's boring if you're not participating and (b) they go to bed at 8, and rehearsal ends after 9. So we attended half the rehearsal. And rehearsed exactly one song, measure by measure. And note by note in some spots. I honestly love workshopping a piece of music like that. I feel 7200% better about that piece than I did 24 hours ago. And since the piece is 36 pages (!!) long, that's 200% per page.

Until quite recently, I felt like I was the "weakest link" in my section (alto). But working with this group has really exercised my musical "muscles" to the point that I feel like I'm definitely holding my own. My sight reading skills were never all that great (ask one of my many piano teachers), but now they're decent. And I find myself singing the part correctly sometimes sooner than other, more experienced, vocalists. Which is pretty neat. Add to that the fact that there are people there who genuinely seem to like me and take an interest in my life and even THINK I'M COOL (ohmygod!), and yeah, I'm hooked. (Let's take a moment here to note that said people are actually even quite cool themselves...professional and amateur and in-between musicians with a lot of talent.)

So yeah, that was cool.

But with no rehearsal tonight, I'm free to watch House. Even without the TIVO. Which is also cool.

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