Friday, November 10, 2006

Sssshhhhh, I've got a secret!

Okay, I'm breaking the most important rule of blogging. I'm blogging about work. Everyone please pray that I don't get fired.

I interviewed for a new position at my company yesterday. And I had a conversation today with someone that indicated that I was the top contestant. The job is a few pay grades higher than where I am, and it's definitely got more prestige. Not necessarily a wardrobe change, but could lead to one.

I spent part of today tidying up my office just in case I need to start packing it up next week. I'm ready for a change and this really does seem to be a great opportunity.

And I'm getting a haircut tomorrow.

It's girls' night in for Susie this evening...she'll have two friends spend the night. One is the daughter of the foreign politician who has his own Wikipedia entry (my geeky entry last month); the other is just a normal kid from what I've witnessed. The Boy will spend the night with a friend. I, on the other hand, will be across town at a rehearsal. And I may do a little celebratory shopping beforehand. Because I'm gonna get that job.

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