Thursday, November 01, 2007

NaBloPoMo, NaNoWriMo, schwaaa?

Why did I sign up for both of these? Insanity? Over-enthusiasm? Too much of a joiner? And why am I re-starting my running program at the same time?

Blog posting daily isn't that much different from what I already do. I post almost every weekday, so I'm just adding the weekends. Possibly challenging on Thanksgiving weekend, when my brother is finally marrying that hot girlfriend of his, but I'm confident that I'll find an internet connection somewhere in Chicago.

This book writing, though, requires 1,667 words, on average, every day. Given that, up to this point, I've written 100 words (go ahead, count!), it's not impossible. But given that I still don't know exactly what I'm writing about, we may have a problem. Plus, there's this prioritization that needs to happen on days like today: I need to go to the gym, I need to write 1,667 words, Survivor and ER are on. Um, yeah. It's not going to be easy. Thank goodness for TIVO.

Anyone done NaNoWriMo successfully? How did you manage your time? Did you write every day or did you have writing binges once or twice a week?

I'm going to track my progress on these three projects in my sidebar. Miles run, consecutive days posted, and word count. So cheer me on, or something. Or at least buy me a drink when it's all over.


Trish K said...

I don't think I speak over 1,000 words a day

Good luck, you are a better writer than I will ever be...

kalisah said...

You're out of your mind. Seriously.

Kelly O said...

Hey, I tagged you with an easy meme to help with NaBloPoMo. Woo.

Anonymous said...

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