Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just ten days

My brother's getting married in ten days!

I've written about him before, and about his fiancee and how well-suited they are for each other. They're a very special couple and it's nice to see how genuinely kind they are to one another.

My daughter is particularly excited about the big day. She's very likely the fiancee's number two fan (and only #2 because it's fair to say that my brother gets the #1 spot), and she can't wait to be a part of the wedding party. Oh, and Alex? Can't wait to wear the tux. The boy likes to dress up.

And, for what it's worth, I'm quite a bit more excited about the upcoming festivities than I expected to be.

Maybe because I have a good feeling that this one's a keeper.

And it doesn't hurt that I'm not a bridesmaid this time. Since every time I've been one, the couple has divorced in less than five years. So don't ask me to be in your wedding. I'm cursed. It's real.

But I'll be delighted to sit up front and dab my eyes during the vows.

And I hear they've taking dancing lessons. I promise to video it and put it on YouTube. Because I'm generous that way.