Thursday, November 15, 2007

Halfway done!

It's November 15! That means these orgies of writing known as NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo are half over! Exclamation point!

But now comes the time when I take yet another opportunity to ask you, my lovely readers, to help me make life decisions. I've got a few quandaries right now and I'm nowhere near the decision stage. And I need to hurry up. Or toss a coin. But y'all are so much prettier than even the shiniest Tennessee quarter. So HALP!

1. The singing thing. I didn't sing the September concert because I was working extreme hours at work. And then I decided to NaNo and NaBlo and train for a 5K, so I decided not to sing the holiday concert. My in-box started getting some rather flattering emails that I think were more about the group needing alto singers than my fantastic voice. And I hedged and said I'd think about it. It's been a week and I'm no closer to a decision. Should I go to the rehearsal on Tuesday and hope I can learn the music in time for the concert (Saturday, December 8)? Or should I be firm in my decision to sit out? (I do love me some holiday music...I'm torn...) I really need to let them know this week.

2. The hair. Should I keep on growing my bangs or should I cut them?

3. What should I wear tomorrow?

4. Is November 21 too early to hang up Christmas lights on the house?

5. What should I bring to Thanksgiving dinner with friends? Did I mention that the husband in this couple is a former chef? And that makes me a little nervous? Should I make pecan pie, even though it will eventually kill us all with its sugary, buttery goodness?

Thanks, everyone. Please number your answers in the comments so I know which question you're answering.


Noodle said...

1: Will singing in the program enhance your holidays? If so, sing away, my friend. If not, stick to your original decision.

2: Can't help with that, as I'm trying to make the decision myself. Although mine is all one length, and I'm trying to decide whether to bang or not to bang. I just put it in a ponytail most of the time and it looks so severe.

3: Your favorite, whatever that is. Always makes me feel better.

4: No, not really. I wouldn't turn them on til after Thansgiving though. It's only a day or two.

5: Thanksgiving doesn't work without pecan pie. Or chess pie. Sugar overload is good on Thanksgiving.

Solving all of life's problems in five easy steps. :)

Kelly O said...

My magic 8 ball says:
1. If it would be tons of fun, eh, why not. If you're being guilted into it, hell to the no.
2. Outlook unclear. Ask again in two weeks.
3. All black! That's what I'll probably be wearing, anyway.
4. Absolutely not. I used to keep mine up year-round.
5. Wine! And pie is always good. Who doesn't love pie?

alan said...

you should make that pecan soup that you made many years ago, it was way better than a pie.

Candy said...

The only one I can address with any knowledge is the first one.

I do some community theater so I understand your dilemma. I've opted NOT to audition for certain shows because I either wasn't crazy about it, or didn't have time, or whatever. But when I receive the phone call from the director begging me to save them and do it anyway, I almost always say yes.

Even though I made a decision NOT to do it for reasons that were sound, I cannot help but want to be the hero and save the show!

So long as you know why you're vascilating.

Mom said...

1. If you sing, you won't have time for the novel, will you?
2. I do short hair; no time for fancy. Can't help you on this one. (But, I can share that I always like you as a blonde!)
3. Whatever. Black sounds as good as anything else. Why is tomorrow special?
4. Entirely too early! You should know better! (Did that sound motherly?)
5. Your father wants pecan pie, but your chess pie was good when we were with you for Easter...

kristabella said...

1. I'm thinking if you really wanted to sing, you would have already said yes. Don't overextend yourself. It is only Nov. 15.

2. Um, yes.

3. Not pink.

4. Day before Thanksgiving, nah. I think you'd be good. And we've had nice weather here, so I even forgive people for putting it up here to take advantage of said weather. But the all Xmas music station? Already? TOO EARLY!

5. Bacon says - Hang out with hash browns.

winslow1204 said...

Hope have a wonderful time!!

Kaleigh said...

1. I'm not going to sing it. I just can't make myself give up all that time.

2. I have a hair appointment Tuesday. I'm leaving it up to my hairdresser. Once I take off my glasses, it's all about trust anyway.

3. I wore all brown today. No occasion, just was tired of making decisions.

4. I'm leaving the lights and decorations up to Craig. But I do need some advice on where to put the tree. More on that later.

5. Chess pie! I'd forgotten that one! And it's so very Southern, and this family is very Northern. And a can of cranberry sauce. PERFECT!!

Noodle said...

I'm working tomorrow. You know, if you want a taste tester for that chess pie. :)

I made a FAB chocolate chess pie one year. I need to find that recipe.

Anonymous said...

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