Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I'm feeling a little whiny this morning. My kids and husband were sleeping when I left the house. Because they don't have school today. And I'm conserving my vacation days, so I didn't take the day off.

And it's raining. Seriously raining. With thunder and lightning. And I walk to work. I considered taking the car, but that would leave my family without a vehicle, and that's probably not a good idea.

But walking to work in a flash flood warning might not be a good idea either. Because my pants? Are soaked to my knees.

I do need to publicly thank my mom for a gift from two years ago. The cherry-red patent leather Doc Martin boots? Are waterproof. So at least my feet are dry.

Hair update: my hairdresser didn't cut my bangs. But she did change where my part is, to maximize one particular curl which she proclaimed her favorite. Even though I slept on it, my hair still looks great. I hope I can recreate it after washing it.


Noodle said...

I had wondered about you this morning when it was storming. I'm glad you made it unscathed. :)

My husband is out there working in it!

mom said...

Did I ever explain how the boots happened to be in Michigan? A Dillard's store in New Orleans was unable to accept shipments after Katrina, and the goods were brought here and sold out of a store front in Michigan, for pennies on the dollar. Enjoy the boots!

Anonymous said...

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