Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I was tagged by the my IRL friend, Noodle, for this meme. Here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of post and list their names.
4. Let them know they were tagged by a comment on their blog.

1. I've worn pink every day this month in support of breast cancer awareness. And later this month, when I participate in Race for the Cure, I'll have a pink streak in my hair. I'm fortunate to have supportive people in my life who bring pink clothes for me to borrow (since my own clothes are starting to get boring).

2. I don't have a favorite, or least favorite food. Whenever I see questions about that in surveys, quizzes, or memes, I'm completely baffled. I like carrot cake a lot, but I also like bacon and cheeseburgers and Caprese salads and bagels and sushi. There are plenty of foods I don't prefer, but I can't think of any foods that I truly hate.

3. My hair has never been longer than a bit past my shoulders. Even as a kid, I couldn't stand how long it took to grow my hair. I'm growing it now and it's almost to my shoulders. I don't know how much longer it will get before I give up, but I'm being strong right now.

4. I enjoy pulling weeds out of my lawn but not out of my vegetable garden. I used my parental authority to make the kids weed the vegetable garden. The kids have younger backs.

5. I love to bake bread. And very likely will do so this evening. We have leftover vegetables which would be lovely in soup, and nothing goes with soup like homemade bread. I used to have a bread machine, but there was this time after Susie was born that I made a loaf of bread in it and completely forgot for, um, a month? Maybe more? I threw that joker away and really don't miss it. It was so much more difficult to clean and the bread always stuck to the pan.

6. Many commercial perfumes make me ill. Unfortunately I have a co-worker who doesn't seem to remember this, even though I've emailed her about it and even talked to her supervisor about it. I've actually had to leave work because of an allergic reaction to perfume twice in my life: once from this person's perfume and once from a customer at the bank. I didn't have any allergies when I was a kid. If I want to wear a fragrance now, I choose food-based essential oils like bergamot or vanilla. This filters down to my cleaning product choices, too. I alternate between making my own general cleaning spray (mostly water, with a little vinegar, a little dish soap, and a few drops of tea tree oil and geranium oil) or using "natural" products for cleaning, with the exception of plain old bleach. Nothing smells cleaner to me than freshly bleached sheets. Not a lot of bleach, but a little. (Which is probably why I like hotel sheets. The bleach makes them smell so clean!)

7. I do my best cleaning when I'm on the telephone or angry. If my kitchen stove is gleaming, you can bet that I was recently (a) arguing with my spouse, or (b) talking on the phone with my best friend or my mom. If I'm on the phone in the house for any length of time, I'll wind up spot-cleaning in the kitchen. I can't help it.

So, there you have it. Seven random facts.

And now for the tagging:
1. Kalisah at I am not my hair
2. Stacey at Fertile Ground
3. Hot Librarian
4. Kristabella
5. Kelly O at O for Obsessive
6. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah
7. My brother-in-law


kalisah said...

ooof, ya got me.

Random facts? Huh, never thought about it. Mine surely won't be as interesting as yours.

Kristabella said...

Um, does it count if I just did something like this a few weeks ago? Except it was 8 things.

Because I don't know if I can think of 7 new things! I will definitely have to hit the sauce for this one.

Kelly O said...

These are a great 7! It may take me a while to think of 7 facts about me that won't put even my mother to sleep. ... Hey, maybe I could use it for NaBloPoMo!

Kaleigh said...

Kristabella, you're bad...I forgot that you'd already done it.

So that means someone else is tagged. That someone could be anyone who wants to play along!!

Noodle said...


I'm with you on the perfumes. I wear the Herb Citrus oil from Maggie's Pharm. Or sometimes the Blackberry Sage.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Okay. I'm up.

Kelly O said...

Eh, NaBloPoMo, ShmaBloPoMo. Mine's up!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the Race for the Cure! Thanks for helping such a worthy cause that affects so many.

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Jessica said...

Great list. I do my best cleaning when I am angry. If DH comes home and the house is spotless in under an hour he knows to watch out.

Anonymous said...

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