Monday, October 29, 2007


In lieu of a real post, here's a recap of recent happenings.

Susie and I dyed our hair pink on Friday night in preparation for Race for the Cure. Hers looks the same as when we did it before, and mine doesn't look pink. Just brighter red than usual. Nobody even seemed to notice it, which means (a) it's extremely subtle or (b) everyone thinks it looks horrible and they're too nice (or stunned) to say anything.

My extremely impromptu costume for our church's auction fundraiser/Halloween party wound up winning in the "Best Monster" category. And I even got a trophy! Which is an awesome turnaround from the past few years. I was a zombie roller derby girl (but I substituted Doc Martins for rollerskates, because I didn't want to die for real).

But alas, the trophy I truly coveted remains out of my grasp. In the second annual chili smackdown, the chili I worked so hard to perfect (and yes, it was amazing) didn't even place. And the winner? Was the same woman who won last year. My kids, however, won their age division for the pumpkin they decorated. I'll try to get some pictures up later.

There's probably a life lesson in there somewhere about trying too hard and being spontaneous and "in the moment" but I'm mostly slightly bummed that I forgot to take pictures of important stuff this weekend: Race for the Cure, which had tons of great photo moments, the auction, and the prep of the chili, because it would have been great on my other blog. Maybe next year.

And possibly the most (or least) noteworthy event of the weekend: I found my first gray hair yesterday. And the kids laughed.


little brudder said...

send me your chili recipe, and I'll see if I can reproduce it without meat, and figure out what will improve it


Mom said...

I double don't understand:
1) How can you see a gray hair when your hair is colored?
2) Why would you ever tell your children that you're OLD!

Kaleigh said...

To clarify:
Roots. The pink is just, well, highlight-y, and I didn't take it to my roots because it's the temporary stuff that stains your skin (I didn't want a pink scalp). And I hadn't touched up the roots for longer than usual because I knew the pink thing was coming up.

I showed them the gray hair because I totally blame them.

Anonymous said...

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