Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not really better

But not any worse. I gave up and did consult Dr. Google, and he assures me that I have the flu. Until I told him I was sneezing, though, I was on thin ice, with a possible granuloma, leukemia, or Lyme Disease diagnosis. The sneezing, though, pushed me over into flu territory. So that's a relief. Because I really didn't like the thought of a tick having bitten me and not being found, ever.

Laptop Watch 2007 update: The Big Box has proven its incompetence. We got a call last night from the Nerd Herd at the Big Box retailer. When they shipped out our laptop to the Uber-Nerds in another state, they failed to enclose the power cord. Since the problem with said laptop is that the power cord and the laptop aren't speaking to each other, one would imagine that such an omission would be problematic. One would be correct. (And points to my husband who even questioned the local nerd's decision to not ship the cord with the laptop.) So I did what I should have done before. I called around to the I.T. people at the Corporation, and three of them recommended the same place. And our laptop will be fixed there. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Again. This time let's all try Vishnu AND Shiva. Just to cover our bases, okay?

I'm tired of school projects that involve timelines. My kids' teachers? You're on notice. No more timelines. And no more projects that require me to take apart our painstakingly-organized photo albums. Pretty please. With sugar on top.

Living with a beginning cello student is not easy or fun, especially when you have the flu and are putting together a photo timeline of your son's life so far. You've been warned.

I really don't have anything else to tell you except that it's less than a week until our neighborhood's annual chili smackdown, which means my family is eating chili every day. Because I've got to find the winning recipe. Yesterday's French cassoulet-inspired chicken chili may be a winner, but tonight I'm going to try a Cincinnati-inspired batch. (And no, I'm not sharing recipes until I know which one is a winner. Because it's a secret.)

At least the weather is cooperating with my culinary plans.


Noodle said...

I'm glad it's not Lyme Disease. :) Definitely share the recipe when you've got a winner! Weather like this always makes me want to cook.

Anonymous said...

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