Wednesday, October 18, 2006

School Picture Day

When I was a kid, school picture day meant that my mother got out the steam curling iron, picked out a pretty dress for me to wear, and burned my head making my hair resemble Shirley Temple's. There are a few memorable shots, like the one in first grade when I had no front teeth. Like all four were gone at the same time.

Today's school picture day, and Susie asked me to curl her hair. (I declined, choosing to make two braids instead.) She asked me last night what she should wear (they normally have to wear school uniforms, but not on picture day). Since tonight is her Girl Scout Investiture ceremony, I suggested she wear her brand-spanking-new Junior Girl Scout uniform. She looks so darn good in it - and good timing - the Brownie uniform was too small!

The Boy was similarly befuddled as to fashion choices for the day. We started with this really cool bowling shirt, but realized that (a) it's missing a button and (b) it looks REALLY STUPID tucked in (and shirts must be tucked in). Moments later, he returned to my room, clad in a navy polo along with his navy shorts, looking pretty darn sharp. Did I mention that he has a mohawk? When given the choice between spiking it up or combing it down, he chose gelling it down because "I want to look really good for my picture, Mom." He also brushed his teeth twice. Wonder how long this one will last - I like the new interest in hygiene.

Let's hope they don't blink or make a stupid face. I'd love the pictures to turn out good on the first try.

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