Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Friday!

My neighborhood is awesome. Our first neighborhood newsletter (newspaper-in-training) was delivered from the printer yesterday. So cool. And the people who volunteered their time in making it real are dedicated enough that they are also volunteering their time to distribute it house-to-house. Cool folks.

And one of my neighbors, whom I don't really know well, just offered me tickets to this evening's NBA game. For free. Because she works there. How awesome is that?!?

We've got a nice quiet weekend planned. A trip to the Farmers' Market with our Greek friends in the morning tomorrow, and church on Sunday, but that's really it. After I'm done eating bonbons and drinking champagne whilst lounging on the sofa wearing my satin Japanese robe, I'll spend some quality time with the sewing machine working on The Boy's Halloween costume (the Grim Reaper) and possibly Susie's costume too (Wednesday Addams, of The Addams Family). And sewing merit badges on her Girl Scout sash. Because if I don't, she'll probably kick my ass. (She's almost as big as I am now...and pretty scrappy.) And I really don't think I could fight back after all those bonbons and champagne. Note to self: don't sew anything until I've sobered up.

I'll probably study some cookbooks too, since I've got this whole diet makeover thing to do now. Anthony Bourdain, I apologize in advance. Your cookbook will be neglected for the next few months. At least it's baking season so I can make lots of whole grain, high fiber breads. With vegetables baked into them. And superfoods.

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