Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween and Chili Smack-Down

It's almost the Husband's favorite holiday. He loves him some Halloween. Is it the candy? The costumes? The spooky movies? I dunno. He just loves the whole thing. And now that we're both approaching forty, when he starts decorating the exterior of the house for said holiday, he's starting to look like "Middle Aged Man", that character from Saturday Night Live about fifteen years ago. And just knowing that reference probably divulges our age more than we'd like it to.

This weekend our neighborhood is having our first-ever Chili Cook-Off. But with all the trash-talking going on, I've decided it should be called the Chili Smack-Down. See, I'm an organizer. So when someone suggested that we should have a chili contest, I totally ran with the ball. Now people are saying that it's my "baby". Um, not. But I am gonna win that trophy. Even if it means cheating. Which I'm not against. At all.

I won't divulge my secret weapon. But I'll leave you with a hint. It starts with C.

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