Monday, October 16, 2006

Hey! It's Raining!

No, I'm not really posting about the weather. Yikes...perish the thought. Although I do spend an inordinate amount of time thinking and reading about the weather. But it's raining. I like rain, especially now because it hasn't rained much since spring. 'Nuff said.

I have no great drama to report, in my life or in my family's life. That's pretty cool, if you ask me. We had a busy but non-dramatic weekend in which we did fun things together, including:

  • Riding bikes to our neighborhood cafe, then having breakfast there.
  • Riding bikes to the Farmer's Market and buying a HUGE pumpkin, among other things (did I mention that I cheated and rode my bike HOME then drove our vehicle to the Farmer's Market? No? Well, I did. I didn't think it was a cute idea to carry a very, very large pumpkin on the bike all the way home. But it would have made for a much more interesting blog entry, I bet. Next time, I promise.)
  • Hosting a sleepover (three extra girls = no sleep)
  • Navigating the local Corn Maze (big labyrinth)
  • And I taught Sunday School too. (Can't you see the halo over my head?)

After so much busy-ness, we were done having fun late yesterday afternoon. The kids were tired (from staying up too late at the sleepover as well as the good healthy exercise of the maze), as were the adults. The kids hit the hay a bit earlier than normal (7:30!!!! - am I good or what?) after a dinner of leftover pizza. As my husband and I sat and watched reality television, then a DVD, I felt like I was forgetting to do something.

Sort of like the feeling I had for months after college graduation: the "I'm supposed to be doing homework" feeling. For about six months after I graduated, I would come home from work and putter around my apartment, feeling completely certain that there was something very important that I was forgetting to do. I finally realized that after almost all my life being in school, I was unaccustomed to not having homework. And balance was restored.

My evenings are often busy with my volunteer activities, my second job, or doing important child-related things, like scouts, etc. So when I have a night "off" like last night, instead of simply enjoying it, I wind up puttering around just like I did almost fifteen years ago. Tonight is another "night off". Perhaps I should give myself an do something that I enjoy and don't have to turn in or complete at a specific time. That sounds nice.

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