Saturday, January 26, 2008

Peer pressure

It's that time of year again...when the cool kids start getting nominated for awards. The big flurry right now is the UU Blog Awards. And, because I can't possibly stay away from such awesomeness, I'll follow suit and pimp some of my favorite Unitarian Universalist entries from the past year.

Five of Five: In which I discuss the pros and cons of subscribing to a religion without a creed.
Sometimes it's sad: Musing about working at a children's cancer hospital
Preaching the word: My first full-length sermon
Mother's Day Sermon: I shared the pulpit with our minister on Mother's Day.
A Unitarian Universalist's Take on St. Joseph's Day: This is one of my favorite posts, ever. And nobody commented. Which tells me that when I get thinky, most people stop reading. (That or they're so intimidated by my brilliance that they're struck "dumb". You be the judge.)
She Forgot Again: Living and working in Memphis means that racial issues are in my face most of the time.
But aren't you scared?: More about race and class and crime and urban renewal
On the Verge: More urban renewal, prompted by a nasty debate on our neighborhood's internet message board
Grace, Interrupted: This one makes me seem like a much better person than I think I really am. But I'll take the credit anyway.

So, if you feel so moved, feel free to nominate me. I don't expect to win (remember? I'm famous for my second-place finishes!), but I'd be happy just to be in the running.