Wednesday, January 02, 2008


My children are, by all signs, in the midst of a growth spurt. Normally, they take turns with the growing. My son will almost catch up to his sister's still-superior height, then she'll shoot up, physically proving that she is the big sister and he's the little brother.

We, the parents, are given a bit of warning when the growth spurts are beginning. The child, who normally has a, well, normal appetite, suddenly is starving. Like, tapeworm starving. And sleeps more than normal. A week or two later, pants are outgrown (which, for girls, is okay...long pants can turn into capris until they get tight).

The boy is taller than he was the last time he saw his grandparents, about six weeks ago. And the girl won't. stop. eating. The boy, usually an early riser, has been the last to awaken for the past few days. The girl, who is currently sleeping about a meter from me, looks much more like "woman" than "baby", even in sleep. Which, I suppose, is fitting, since she's chronologically closer to womanhood than infancy.

It's a roller coaster so much more amazing than any we'll ride tomorrow.


Francie said...

I know your pain. My girls are in that mode too where their toes pop out of the top of the shoes as we leave the shoe store (you can just hear the cartoon like "POOINNNG!")

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winslow1204 said...

My kids for the last year seem to be in a perpetual growth spurt!! :)

Melinda Zook said...

My kids are ogers for their age. It is terrible, it seems like they were never babies. My daughter is almost 18 months and she looks like a 3 year old. I despise every day of it! I tell her, "no more growing!"

Anonymous said...

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