Saturday, July 28, 2007

Welcome bloghers!

I attended BlogHer yesterday.  And I'm writing a very short post now, just for you ladies I met there.  If you are stopping by to say hi, thanks.  Please stick around.  May I direct you to a few of my favorite posts, which are linked in the sidebar, about halfway down?

In a nutshell, I'm Kaleigh, a working mom of two.  My kids' fake names are Susie and Alex.  Susie is ten and her brother, Alex, is eight.  My husband picked the fake name Craig.  We live in downtown Memphis and are very enthusiastic in our love for our chosen hometown.

Even though I reference work in my blog's title, I almost never write about work.  You're more likely to read about my family here, or maybe some of our goofy adventures in the kitchen or in an area restaurant.  My church involvement also gets plenty of attention here, too.  

As an unapologetic fan of reality television, cheap beer, and movies, some of my pop culture sensibilities wind up here, too.  And discussions of race and class.  It's hard to ignore, being in Memphis.  I write about my friends and sometimes get meta when I'm feeling all thinky.  

But mostly I just write whatever is on my mind.  Might be political, might be the weather.  

Welcome.  I'm glad I met you in Chicago.  I look forward to visiting your blog, too.