Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back from my media blackout

I'm paying the price today. In the wee hours this morning, I finished the final book in the Harry Potter series.

I won't write about it now, however, because not everyone reads fast.

I can't wait to talk to people who have read it. Because my husband? Does nothing but refer to it as my "children's book" and won't even watch the movies. And he's a film professor.

So? Did you love it? Did you cry?


Brad said...

Call me when you get a chance to talk about it. I finished the book yesterday, and Wendi is currently forgoing quite a lot of sleep to finish it herself. I thought it was a lovely way to end what's been a tremendous series. As his brother-in-law, I can affectionately say that your husband obviously wouldn't know a good book if it hit him in the back of the head like a blodger. :)

alan said...

I'm listening to the audiobooks, and am only on order of the phoenix, so no speaky about it this weekend!!

kalisah said...

I decided to re-read the entire series before the last one came out. You know, to make sure I was up-to-speed on all the little details that might matter in the end. So I still have Half-Blood Prince to finish up. I'm planning on reading Deathly Hallows next week at the beach. Until then, I will continue to avoid all media coverage.

Anonymous said...

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