Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm back. I drove exactly 850 miles yesterday, which is a personal record. Not one I ever want to attempt to break. That's really far. I played the alphabet game, listened to some podcasts, listened to NPR, talked on the phone, and drank coffee in the interest of staying awake at the wheel. It worked. Plus, the pretty scenery of Virginia and Tennessee didn't hurt matters a bit.

The trip was uneventful, which was my expectation. My cousin's daughter's wedding had all the trimmings: nice rehearsal dinner, pretty dress, cute bridesmaids' dresses, cute flower girl, open bar and edible food at the reception. No problems. It would have been nice if my family's table hadn't been so close to the DJ's speakers at the reception, but no biggie. Oh, and remember dude? He hung out a lot at the DJ table and got really psyched when they played "Urgent" by Foreigner. I've never seen such an enthusiastic reaction to that song. I hear that at brunch on Sunday, he dipped his bacon in catsup. Which is probably a crime in most states. Or it should be.

And now Craig and I will live without children for a few weeks. You wouldn't have noticed a change had you visited our house last night. No exotic dinners, no exciting plans. Just dinner and television. We did talk about doing some exciting, or at least interesting, things, but we never fully committed to anything beyond using my gift card for Spindini.

So, my readers, all three of you, what should we do? (Besides the obvious, of course. We know that part.) Those of you with kids at home, what would you do with three kid-free weeks?


uuMomma said...

Write that book I've been meaning to.

Clean my bathroom and enjoy the fact that it stays that way (mostly) for three kid-free weeks.

Go to the movies. A lot.

Cook dinners that otherwise would receive comments like "uck. I don't like that." (after two weeks on the road/at GA, I'd rather cook than eat out, if you can believe that)

P.S. On vacation, we caught our youngest dipping her bacon not in ketchup, but BUTTER! Can you imagine? I sure couldn't. Ketchup, maybe, but dipping your lard in more lard? Even I find that offensive.

Kaleigh said...

Bacon dipped in butter? Sounds like heaven. My two favorite foods.

But as a responsible parent, I would totally discourage that. Because it's wrong. Too much pleasure there.

Maybe some ice cream, on the side?

your brother said...

I vote for booze.

Lizard Eater said...

Movies, movies, movies!

Throw a dinner party. With no kids allowed.

Go to a late movie and then a really late dinner.

Food, movies, movies, food. My desires are simple.

Anonymous said...

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