Thursday, August 16, 2007

Continuing Saga


Susie made her phone calls to invite friends yesterday, after I got home from work. I overheard her talking to the difficult friend, M_, and it sounded like a good, productive conversation.

After Craig got home from a meeting, the three of us talked about it, and she (distractedly - she was watching TV) told us what had happened.

M_, I know this might hurt your feelings, but I have to say this. You know how you seem to have problems when you come to sleepovers? I want you to know that G_ is probably coming, and I know you and she argue a lot. If you can't handle it, maybe you should just come for the party and not the sleepover.

I can handle it.

Okay then.

Obviously paraphrased.

The whole thing fascinates me, because while we did throw around a few ideas for how to handle this the night before, we never reached agreement as to the best way to proceed. And when we had that conversation, Susie told me that (a) she didn't think that was a conversation to have on the phone, and (b) she wanted me, and maybe M_'s mother, to be there.

Something changed overnight apparently, because she figured out how she was going to say it (I suspect she had written out some bullet points) and that it was going to be on the phone.

I'll update again, after the party, to let you know how it all works out.


Grandma said...

Give that girl a blue ribbon! She did what many of us find difficult to do--speak up for ourselves in a situation where we might be misunderstood or disliked.

Looking toward Friday, who is going to be the bad guy if things become difficult?

Kaleigh said...

We'll likely play good cop/bad cop. Manipulative, but effective. And I'm not sure who will play which role.

uuMomma said...

Wow. Amazing work for a girl her age. Think of me tonight as we host three additional girls to our already girl-filled house. (Didn't think to have it correspond with HSM2--doh!) Good luck....

Lizarita said...

Seriously? She did awesome! She approached the issue rather than just letting it bother her. That rockz!

kalisah said...

wow, she's really growing up, handling these situations for herself. You should be proud.

Anonymous said...

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