Monday, August 13, 2007

Day One

I took pictures but haven't uploaded them yet; it's the first day of school for Susie and Alex.

My observations:

  • We had to park three blocks away.
  • The school was a madhouse.
  • Alex got really stressed as we approached the school (probably because of the madhouse...he doesn't like chaos).
  • The boy who was socially challenging is NOT in Alex's class this year (hooray!).
  • Alex's teacher seems very sweet and kind and seemed to genuinely be glad that Alex is in her class (she should be...he's at his best at school).
  • Susie's past teachers barely let her through the halls. Lots of hugs and "I want you in my room again."
  • One of Susie's best friends grew about 6 inches taller, and developed breasts, over the summer.
  • Susie was absolutely comfortable sitting at a desk grouping of mostly boys.
  • Her teacher seemed very no-nonsense.
  • Third grade supplies are heavier than fifth grade supplies.