Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hold on loosely

So I had the kids go upstairs early last night, mainly because I really needed to get some things done, but also because I wanted them to get started on packing for our trip. I didn't tell them to pack, just to get their things ready to pack.

And Alex got ambitious, apparently. Because he called down the stairs that he already had one suitcase entirely packed and was working on his second. And he finished the second, too.

Alex is a well-intentioned boy, but he is just eight.

Any bets as to the contents of these suitcases? Keep in mind they'll be gone a week, need swimwear, and will be in Michigan.

My money is on the following:
Eight shirts
Two pair pants, both sweats
Ten pair underwear
No socks
One swimsuit
Pajama pants
No toothbrush
No toothpaste
Mini-size shampoo

I can't wait to see how close I am.


kalisa said...

if he's only going to be gone a week, whatever would he need a TOOTHBRUSH for??

alan said...

how would that fill 2 suitcases?

Hot Librarian said...

Could you post the actual contents? Because yeah, awesome.

Isabel said...

Who needs a toothbrush when you have a swimsuit!!???

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