Tuesday, December 04, 2007

November 24

It has been called to my attention that I didn't discuss my brother's wedding to his hot girlfriend in full detail here. (I did post pictures, however, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, I've got well over 100,000 words!)

And now I've missed the boat, it seems. Because the wedding has become a minor internet sensation, with mentions here and here and here.

But I may have something to add. This is my only brother we're talking about, and it was a stunningly happy occasion. Happy for all the right reasons (true love, she's the yin to his yang, etc.), but also because I know what happened before the big day. Before they met (and after). I know how much crap he withstood before this wonderful woman came into his (and my family's) life.

Seeing the two of them holding hands and promising to be together forever was powerful. Seeing the support of their friends - friends who, by the way, were immensely welcoming and friendly when I met some of them in July - made my heart very happy. My brother is a good guy, a kind person, a really good uncle, and he has surrounded himself with a group of people deserving of his awesomeness.

And his new bride is a big part of that. She lived in Chicago before he did, and I presume that many of his friends started out as her friends. That she had these people in her life is a credit to her character, which had already impressed me when I first met her last Christmas.

The strength of their relationship (and the wedding plans, and each of them) was tested a few months ago, when her mother finally succumbed to the cancer that had been present for years. (I don't know all the details of her mother's illness, so please understand if I don't fill in the blanks very well.) When things got really dire, my brother appeared at the hospital, ready to have a chaplain-officiated ceremony there in the hospital room so that his fiancee's mother could see her daughter get married. (Hopefully he'll fact-check me in the comments, because I don't exactly remember what happened at that point.)

And the wedding went on, despite the recent loss of her mother.

And it was beautiful.

I have only a casual understanding of Steampunk, while my brother and his wife have at least a strong affinity for the aesthetic that accompanies it (again, my ignorance keeps me from going into satisfying detail). I know (from the Wiki article) that it has roots in scifi/fantasy literature, but everything I've found regarding fashion points to neo-Victorianism. Since my kids were in the wedding party, I knew what the bridesmaids were wearing. And I struggled to figure out what to wear, seeking help from the internet, and from a real-life friend who started out as an internet friend. (And I wound up not being neo-Victorian but going with the gray color scheme. Because sister of the groom is not one of those flashy roles in a wedding. Leave the bride to be flashy.)

But here's the part that I want to tell you. The ceremony? Was amazing. My parents, definitely not steampunks in any way, enjoyed it. The "minister" did his job quite well, straddling the line between stand-up comedy and reverence perfectly. He paid tribute to my parents' and Siouxzi's parents' long marriages. He drew everyone in attendance into the power of these two people's love for each other. Yes, I got teary. Maybe I even cried a little.

The reception was delightful (in the same space as the ceremony, quickly transformed by the wedding party and a few close friends), with music from their high school years (think New Order, Information Society), and plentiful food and drink. The cupcakes my mother made were topped with some pirate figurines, and the cakes were decorated with gears made from fondant.

My children adore their Aunt Siouxzi and Uncle Alan. They were so proud to be part of the wedding.

I'm so happy to welcome her into our family. I hope they continue the romance and keep making each other happy, because each of them deserves just that.


Kalisa said...

You know what I LOVE about this as a wedding? It's so creative and original and different. If I have to sit through one more traditional wedding...egads, I've not even been to that many but HOW BORING! Pull the skirt up into a bustle for the recetption? Psssh. How 'bout taking the blouse off & wearing a bustier!!

I wanted to have a crawfish boil for my wedding reception. 15 years later, and I still regret not doing it.

PS - aren't you glad you decided on gray? LOVE the photo of the family girls.

just some guy said...

dammit! you made me tear up a bit :P

suchsimplepleasures said...

what a cool wedding! the outfits...amazing. it looks like a theatrical event! and congrats to the bride and groom!

Noodle said...

That is so cool! I love it!!

I keep telling my husband that I want to have an all-out disco blast reenactment of our wedding on our 25th anniversary. :)

Judith Shakespeare said...

What an amazing wedding! I followed through to the articles and flickr account to see all of the details and was blown away!

The bride was stunning and everyone looked to be having a wonderful time... I can't think of a better way to start a "happily ever after" kind of love. :)

Anonymous said...

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