Monday, December 03, 2007

Not NaBloPoMo, Day One

The writer's block, it is ugly. And leaves me with nothing to say.

That's not true. I just wrote and deleted three paragraphs so horribly boring and poorly-written that even my mom would have thrown her computer out the window.

So just a couple of film recommendations for you.

Enchanted is lovely. All four of us enjoyed it thoroughly, and I didn't cry! (Ask the kids...they find great sport in catching me dabbing my eyes during Kid Nation or Hallmark commercials or um, a lot of things.) Excellent, funny, well-done.

But if you're strong of stomach and are amused by horrible Japanese movies, please to enjoy "Terrifying Girls' High School." (Hint: "terrifying" must have gotten really messed up in translation.) It's hilarious! (But not for children or grandmothers or any other kind of viewer who would be offended by torture scenes that are, um, funnier than scary.) Seriously, I played computer solitaire the whole time it was on and had NO problem following the plot's amazingly insane twists and turns, despite the fact that it's subtitled and I only know about twenty words in Japanese (and six of them are numbers).

That's all I have.

But remind me to tell you about my son winning an art contest. That's a really good story.


Judith Shakespeare said...

I got to catch Enchanted last week with my sister... I almost felt a little silly at first with all of the animation and us being two grown women LOL. And I agree, it turned out to be adorable.

Although did you kind of wish that perhaps they could have made the princess kind of stand on her own two feet a bit before having to depend on yet another "prince"? I did... for a second... until I realized that who in their right mind would stand with McDreamy nearby?

winslow1204 said...

Congrats on your son winning the art competition!!:)

Anonymous said...

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