Monday, June 04, 2007

What I don't like about summer

This year marks a drastic break in tradition. Because Susie's birthday, the 11th, has almost always been cooler than normal, ever since she was born. The weekend of her first birthday brought record lows. Two, three, and four were all lovely days. Her fifth birthday was one of the prettiest days I've ever seen, and we were lucky to be spending it outside, as we had an outdoor birthday party. Six was a rainy day. Seven was nice, eight was another quite cool day, and nine was unremarkable but not hot.

Looks like ten might be the hottest yet. The ten-day forecast has those high temperatures going on and on and on and on.

I'm so glad we live in our house, with its modern central air conditioning (our old house just had window units) and energy-efficiency. I'm so glad to have a job inside, with air conditioning.

But please remind me to be grateful when I'm walking home from work at the hottest time of the day. Please remind me to be grateful when I'm watering the yard because we're about 11 inches behind our average rainfall for the year. Please remind me to be grateful when I open my light, gas, and water bill.



uuMomma said...

Middle daughter's b-day is the 16th and every time I planned a water party (still thinking I lived in AZ), it would be like 40 degrees or something equally yucky. You'd think I'd learn. And always, always, the kid with the birthday in October--hotter than AZ.

But this is not what I hate about summer. It's what I hate about Indiana.

kalisah said...

You forgot to mention that the heat index by the end of the week will be 100-105.

My Kid's b-day is Aug. 30. Man, 1993 was one hot summer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, be grateful.

Instead, think of your poor, sweaty friend and her listless family cooking in their uninsulated, unair-conditioned house in Upstate New York.

gingajoy said...

oy... that is seriously hot. it was pretty nasty and humid here over the weekend, but today it was in the 60s and I am loving it (Michigan)