Thursday, July 03, 2008

The BlogHer Blues

As the sporadic nature of my posting might suggest, I've been mostly absent in the blogging community lately. Work's been busy, life's been busy, and it seems like I've lost my flair for snark. I don't remember the last time I participated in an open thread at MamaPopTalk, and I've been guilty of opening my feed reader, seeing a three-digit number in the unread posts, and marking all read.

I attended BlogHer last year, when it was held in Chicago, mainly because Chicago is an attainable trip for me. My brother and his wife live there, it's an easy train ride away, and it fit very nicely into my family's summer travel plans.

This year, however, it's in California. I can't drive to California, and I don't have the money to fly.

And now I see that a lot of the people I wanted to meet last year, but who didn't attend for varying reasons, are going to be there. And that ugly little paranoid voice inside my head tells me that they're coming this year because I'm not. (To which my mother would sensibly reply, "Um, sweetie, you're not that powerful." Which I'm not. But it does bum me out just a little that this year's conference looks to be better-attended than last year's. And that I'm going to miss it.


So I'm two for two in my NaBloPoMo efforts in food blogging. You can read my whiny rant about my daughter's public diss on my baking skills over here.


Valerie said...

I wanted to go as well. I had planned to go, in fact, right up until it was time to register and I realized that there was no way I could shell out that much cash for plane fare, plus the conference, plus the accommodations, plus spending money while I'm in SF.

I'm opting instead to attend one of the one-day conferences this fall. I'm leaning toward New Orleans right now, since I've never been there. Any chance you can make it to one of those?

Kaleigh said...

I'm not ruling it out, but it really depends on what's going on at work, etc. The train *does* roll from Memphis to New Orleans, though, which makes it tempting. I haven't been there since 1992 (and it had been since '84 before then)...I wonder if I'd even recognize it!

What's weird is that I keep hearing from people I hung out with at BlogHer 07, and they aren't going this year. Crazy!

Ilina said...

I just started blogging this year and was looking forward to learning so much from the seasoned bloggers out there. Alas, airfare is keeping me home. Shall we have a virtual toast on Friday?

Anonymous said...

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